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Simcad Pro - Process Simulation Software

Kanban sizing, scheduling and optimization, Load leveling (Heijunka), Spaghetti diagrams

Lean Simulation Software

Support for all LEAN Manufacturing concepts - Virtual Reality & Physics Enabled

With every model built, Simcad Pro® automatically computes and
generates the model value stream map and all required lean analysis.

Including Spaghetti Diagrams, Swim Lanes, heat maps, efficiency and OEE analysis. Simcad Pro® also provides an extensive list of reporting and analysis tools to further improve the lean analysis environment:

  • Updates to the model constraints are dynamically transferred to the Value Stream Map and analysis
  • Cycle time breakdown showing non-value added time and schedules in a spreadsheet and Gantt chart format
  • Built in Scenario Analyzer tool with full graphing capability, interval analysis, variability and case analysis
  • Automated scenario control generation
  • Analyze and compare model variability
  • Generate data distribution for all tracked parameters
  • Simulation data-reset eliminates the effect of "warm-up" time
  • Optimize Kanban sizes, schedules, time to pull, and more
  • Auto-generate animations and value stream maps
  • Optimize and minimize WIP, the size of supermarkets
  • Complete pull system support for efficiency improvement
  • Efficiency, utilization and VAT/NonVAT computation
  • Support for Virtual Reality interfaces - View and Modify 3D models in VR. Full Simulation and Animation capability in VR mode

Extensive, Integrated Functionality to Model the most Complex Operations.

in Simcad Pro® 15

New Release

With faster development of accurate Digital Twin models, full data integration, detailed analytics and built-in reporting, no other simulation tool compares to Simcad Pro® 15.

LEAN and Six Sigma Implementation

Multiple Scenario Analysis

Multiple Scenario Analysis

On-Screen Dashboards

On-Screen Dashboards

Custom Fit Distributions

Custom Fit Distributions

Custom Reports

Custom Reports

Kanban Analysis, Supermarket Sizing, and Load Leveling

Dynamic Value Stream Mapping (DVSM)

value stream mappingMost improvement initiatives begin with a Value Stream mapping exercise. The value stream map takes into consideration one aspect or product of the operation and analyzes the effect of waste. With a single product with no variations that flows sequentially, a static value stream is adequate. But, when analyzing multiple product interactions, non sequential flows, and the interaction among multiple value streams, the static environment fails. Moreover, static streams do not take into consideration fluctuations in demand, workforce, and other dynamic operational constraints. This patented technology is the first of its kind on the market today.

  • Value Stream Mapping (VSM)

    lean simulationDisplay the Value Stream Map in the traditional format, or place on top of a CAD layout. In addition to the static values in the VSM, Simcad Pro dynamically computes all required parameters including lead time, efficiency, value added time, waste time, and more...

  • On-The-Fly Dynamic Value Stream Maps
    Changes to the simulation model are dynamically transferred to the VSM view, and all computed data is updated. For high mix operations, a product based VSM can be displayed to provide product specific results.

  • Reports
    The VSM can be displayed along with the object or resource flow spaghetti diagram. Simcad Pro also imports the value stream maps created in the Value Stream Analyzer tool, and maps created in Microsoft Visio and Excel.

  • Kanban Simulation, Kanban Pull System
    1. Visual Simulation, Charting and Forecasting
    2. Date and Cost Forecasting
    3. Staff and WIP Analysis
    4. Other Analysis

  • Lean Supermarkets or FiFo lanes creating Manufacturing Success
    FiFo lanes are an important part of any lean material flow.

Value Network Mapping (VNM)

lean simulation - Kanban wipis a great tool to view the efficiency of producing a single product on a process by process basis. When multiple products go through the same set of processes, a value stream must be created for each product and viewed separately. However, in the real world environment, multiple products interact on the same set of processes and share a collection of common resources and constraints. Therefore, the interaction between multiple value streams over the same operation becomes critical in identifying potential efficiency problems.

  • On-The-Fly Dynamic Simulation and Analysis,
    Value Network Mapping Simulation Software is a technique used to display multiple simultaneous value stream maps while showing the interactions among them. Each value stream is created for each individual product that pass through the flow, and the network becomes the collection of all streams. Building a network map for multiple products is a very tedious task if done manually. Moreover, manual implementation suffers from the effect of static data that does not take into consideration the changes in constraints and other outside factors. Simcad Pro is designed to create such a value network map by analyzing the process map and the product mix and constraints in the model.

  • Through this Patented Technology, Engineers and Designers,
    With Simcad Pro simulation software, each product's value stream is automatically computed and displayed in the value network map. The map for each process is displayed to show the efficiency and parameters of the process on a per product basis. Most importantly, as the model and its constraints change, the network is updated. Through this patented technology, engineers and designers can focus on the specific product mix that is affecting the efficiency of the process and focus their efficiency improvement efforts on the correct issues.

Advantages and Capabilities of Simcad Pro® Simulation Software

Graphical Model Flow and Constraints

Graphical Model Flow and Constraints in simualtion

On-The-Fly User Interaction

On-The-Fly User Interaction in simualtion

SimData® Input Time and Motion Studies

Input Time Studies

Digital Twin Studio® - Replay with Simulation

Digital Twin Studio - Replay with Simulation

Constraint Variability Real-Time Connectivity

Constraint Variability Real-Time Connectivity in simualtion

Constraint Variability

Constraint Variability in simualtion
process simulation software

Next Generation Predictive Analytics and Dynamic Simulation,

Simcad Pro®, discrete event simulation software offers an intuitive and interactive 3D simulation environment to improve, optimize and visualize process flow systems. Simcad Pro® enables users to plan, optimize, and re-arrange processes and procedures while optimizing layouts, facility improvement, automation and schedules. Simcad Pro® integrates with live and historical data to provide the most effective and interactive simulation system on the market today. Applications in multiple industries including manufacturing, automation, logistics, distribution warehouse, food and beverage, services, and more.

Simcad Pro® Dynamic Simulation: Features

Dynamic Process Simulation

dynamic process simualtion

2D and 3D Visualization / Animation

2d/3d Visulization

Dynamic Value Stream Mapping

value stream mapping

Multiple Scenario Analysis

multiple scenario analysis

Custom Reports

custom reports

Scheduling and Gantt Chart

scheduling / gantt chart

2D & 3D Animation

Integrated 2D and 3D visualization engine provides both 2D and 3D visualization with detailed animations

Includes Custom dashboards, full 3D Animation capability, Auto-scaling from CAD files, collision detection, and support for a large set of 2D and 3D file formats.

  • Library-based customizable icons supporting multiple 2D & 3D file formats
  • Real-time visualization in 2D and 3D with animated 2D and 3D components
  • Automatic creation of animated flows
  • Unlimited nesting of flow layers and elevations

Multiple model outputs and animated visuals generated with Singular Model Building Technology.

2D and 3D Manufacturing, Warehouse, and Logistics Simulation Models

manufacturing simulation
warehouse flow simulation
manufacturing robotics assembly simulation
warehousing simulation

2D and 3D Automation, and Distribution Warehouse Simulation Models

manufacturing simualtion
manufacturing simualtion
manufacturing simualtion
manufacturing simualtion

Real-Time Data and External Connectivity

External Data Systems (Extensive connectivity to most data systems) - Unlimited number of external data connections or applications.

Connect prior to, during, and after the simulation run. Analyze data with the built in scenario manager, or export it to a wide variety of applications.

  • Integrated connectivity tools to most data systems including WMS, ERP, WCS, EMR/EHR, databases and Excel
  • Use actual data to increase model accuracy, support seasonality transition analysis, improve validation, and increase model flexibility
  • Automation capabilities include AGV's, AS/RS, Robots, and other automated equipment

Interactive, Dynamic Simulation Provides
Unmatched Ease-Of-Use.

Animated 3D Visuals with Simcad Pro

Warehouse Simulation
Automation Simulation
Manufacturing Simulation
Logistics Simulation
lean simulation software

Reduce model building time, work efficiently, and eliminate coding with
Simcad Pro® - Lean Simulation Modeling Software




Simulation Videos and Images


Lean Simulation Videos

simulation and modeling videos
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lean Simulation Images

manufacturing Simulation Images
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Simcad Pro Applications

Manufacturing & Production

Automation, Job Shop Lean, High Mix MFG Simulations

  • Equipment Feasibility with Bottlenecks / Constraint Analysis
  • Manpower Optimization and Cost Reduction
  • Production Forecasting, Scheduling and Adherence
  • Capacity Analysis and Growth Projection
  • Implementing LEAN Six Sigma
  • Facility Layout and Design
  • Labor Allocation and Optimization

Supply Chain Logistics

Logistics, Warehousing, DC, Transportation Simulations

  • Distribution Center Network Analysis
  • Risk Management and Mitigation
  • Shipping Analysis and Optimization
  • Inventory Optimization
  • Connectivity and Analysis - ERP/WMS Connectivity
  • Facility layout and design

Warehouse & Distribution Center

Slotting, Picking, Receiving, Capacity Planning Simulations

  • Optimizing Overall Warehouse Efficiency
  • Slotting Optimization
  • Schedule Optimization
  • Capacity Planning with Dynamic Simulation
  • Facility Layout & Design with Dynamic Simulation
  • Connectivity and Analysis - ERP/WMS

Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage Process Improvement with Dynamic Simulation

  • Improve overall process efficiency and OEE
  • Analyze the impact of new equipment
  • Maximize tank utilization through sequencing and CIP optimization
  • Improve distribution network for increased shelf life
  • Optimize picking/ slotting/ put-away
  • Optimize equipment interaction ASRS/ AGV/ Conveyors...
  • Increase capacity with current constraints

Service and Office

Banking, Insurance, Document Flow Simulations

  • Efficiency Improvement in Document Flow
  • Improving the Purchasing Department
  • Efficiency Improvement in Process Flow
  • Model and Analyze a Vast Array of Office Systems

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Simcad Pro® Dynamic Process Simulation Software Features

  • Point and click interface, for model flow creation
  • Graphically define model constraints and advanced behavior
  • Library-based customization icons supporting multiple 2D, 3D file formats
  • Real time visualization in 2D and 3D with animated 3D components
  • Automatic creation of animated flow
  • Full support for material handling equipment and carriers
  • Full support for accumulating and material movement conveyors with part spacing, multiple lanes, merging logic, and dynamic conveyor capacity
  • Unlimited nesting of flow layers and elevations
  • Wizard based data import, data export prior, during, and after the simulation run through patented, on-the-fly data connectivity
  • Templates, libraries and module definition for faster model creation and component sharing
  • Generate model packages for view only analysis and model sharing
  • Man-power definition, shifts, sharing, and schedules
  • Extensive assembly/dis-assembly definition with multiple containment layers
  • Change over, failure, maintenance, availability, and OEE
  • Automation capabilities include AGV’s, AS/RS, Robots, and other automated equipment
  • New patented 64 bit multi-core simulation engine utilizes the most advanced hardware technology
  • “On-the-fly” changes to model constraints and parameters during the simulation run
Warehouse and ASRS Simulation Software