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Flexible Simcad Pro® licensing model

allows you to upgrade your license at any time for the price difference of the license. Start with the license that best suits your needs, and upgrade at any time as long as your maintenance agreement is active. All built models are automatically upgraded.

  • SaaS – Simcad Pro Cloud Based License Model

  • Safe, Secure Cloud Based Simulation Available On-Demand
  • Risk-Free Subscription based service model
  • No hardware to buy, maintain or upgrade
  • No software to install, no updates, no maintenance fees
  • Simcad Pro Perpetual Floating License Model

  • Simcad Pro® Lite

  • Patented no coding model building environment
  • 2D Visualization
  • Custom image import and standard image library
  • Support for up to 50 processes / stations
  • Limited object definition – 10 object types limit
  • Dynamic interactive modeling while the simulation is running
  • Live dashboards, metrics and KPI
  • Simulation summary / object, current state and process reporting
Single License $895.00 Buy Now
Bundle (3 Licenses) $2,500.00 Buy Now
  • Simcad Pro®

  • Contains all Simcad Pro® Lite capabilities plus the following
  • Unlimited process space in a true 64bit environment
  • 2D and 3D CAD import
  • Auto-scale to dimensions
  • AVI movie capture
  • Multiple display layers
  • Nested / hierarchical modeling
  • Unlimited process / station definition
  • Unlimited object definition
  • Labor / resources / man power definition and allocation
  • Dynamic multi-layer assemblies
  • Change over, setup, MTBF, MTTR, maintenance (planned, unplanned)
  • Conveyors support
  • Robotics / AGV / Carrier
  • Model timers
  • Initial state import and capture
  • Detailed simulation analysis reporting
  • Detailed resource monitoring, tracking, and reporting
  • Simulation bottleneck report
  • Work order and schedule loading
  • Object / Process / Model / Connection attribute definition and import
  • Scripting / Full extensions and event control
  • Simcad Pro® Advanced

  • Contains all Simcad Pro® capabilities plus the following
  • Continuous flow simulation. Tanks, Fluids, etc. Oil & Gas, Food & Beverage. Liquid based flow.
  • Collision detection and avoidance
  • Weight and volume based buffers, capacities, and assemblies
  • Rate based process and conveyor timing
  • Advanced arrival rate definition
  • Advanced Conveyors: Manual, Push, Automated, Acceleration, Dynamic Capacity and Spacing
  • External Library / Modules
  • Lean Analysis, OEE, Spaghetti and Flow Analysis
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Costing
  • Annotations
  • Quick Hover. Mouse over for Process & Object properties
  • Scenario Analysis and Management
  • Monte Carlo Simulation Support
  • Tugger support
  • Interval Timing
  • Schedule optimization and Path Analysis
  • Time Lapse Heat Map Visualization
  • Time Lapse congestion and spaghetti diagram visualization and analysis
  • Storage density analysis
  • Custom Data Fitting & Distribution Generation
  • SimData ® Interface
  • Internal Lookup one section
  • Basic Work Order Optimization
  • Simcad Pro® Elite - Virtual Reality Enabled

  • Contains all Simcad Pro® Advanced capabilities plus the following
  • Animated 3D Visualizations
  • CreateASoft®’s 3D Animator
  • Integrated, no-coding database connectivity (prior, during and after the run)
  • Physics enabled conveyors
  • Spatially aware system
  • Smart Pathing, Smart Entities with collision detection and avoidance
  • Internal Library / Modules
  • Detailed SubFlows
  • Advanced Automation Modeling
  • SimTrack® Interface / Replay
  • Multiple section internal tables
  • Custom Reporting and Analysis
  • Custom Dashboards and Dynamic Charts
  • Forecasting Engine
  • Advanced Schedule Optimization
  • Auto-Create Wizards for: Processes, Paths, Storage Racks and AS/RS
  • Advanced modeling module integration
  • Maintenance Agreements

  • Maintenance agreements include free software updates as long as the agreement is active.
  • Maintenance agreements include model building troubleshooting at no charge.
  • The licensing model allows for licenses to be transferable to other users within the same organization as long as the maintenance agreement is active.
  • There are no limits on the number of transfers within the organization while the maintenance agreement is active.
  • If the license agreement is expired, the license can still be transferred to another PC if the licensed pc is replaced, but will require a call to CreateASoft Sales or support to reactivate the license.
  • All Simcad Pro® licenses include the first years (12 months) maintenance agreement, effective from date of purchase.
  • Maintenance agreements can be extended to an additional 12, 24, 36, or 48 months at time of purchase. A discount will be applied to maintenance extensions purchased on the same order as the license.
  • Renewing the agreement is optional and will be priced as outlined on the CreateASoft® price list.
  • Renewing the maintenance agreement requires the current license version.
  • Extending the agreement on licenses that have extended beyond 15 months of original purchase date require upgrading to the currently available version.
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A La Cart - Pick the modules that best suit your implementation.

Start with Simcad Pro Software ($4,950.00) then add any of the following modules.


Advanced Automation/VR

  •  Smart Entities
  •  Collision detection and avoidance
  •  Spatially Aware models
  •  Physics Engine
  •  Additional Format Support
  •  VR Support
  •  IAnimate3D Full License

Lean Distribution

  •  Lean Modules (VSM)
  •  Efficiency Analysis and
         OEE Computation
  •  Heat Maps/Spaghetti Diagrams
         (time lapse and overall)
  •  Storage Density analysis
  •  Scheduling Reports
  •  Custom Distributions
  •  Sequence Diagrams

Business Intelligence

  •  Scenario Analysis
  •  Custom Reports
  •  Data Look Ups/Single Sheet
  •  From/To Analysis
  •  Monte Carlo Analysis
  •  Model Variability Analysis
  •  Interactive Model Summary

Data Integration

  •  External DB Connectivity
  •  Multiple Data Tables
  •  External Modules
  •  PLC Connectivity
  •  Auto Create Features
  •  Initial State Import


  •  Detailed Sub flows
  •  Auto Create Features
  •  Advanced Optimization
  •  Costing Analysis
  •  Internal Modules

Module Yearly Maintenance cost after the first year is $200.00/Module/Year. Must be renewed with the Simcad Pro maintenance agreement.


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