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SimTrack Health Benefits in Healthcare

Real-Time Visibility

  • Track patients, healthcare providers, equipment, operational efficiency, and other activities.
  • View Real-Time operational status, value added and non-value added time, current capacities.
  • Detailed monitoring of equipment status and downtime.
  • Powered by smaRTLS®.

Predictive Analytics

  • Use historical data and current activity to accurately forecast the performance of the operation.
  • Forecast the impact of seasonality on the system.
  • Forecast expected delay times, utilization, and length of stay.
  • Minimize congestion by actively re-allocating rooms and beds based on real-time requirements and projected demand.
  • Accurately forecast man-power requirements based on providers’ efficiency.
  • Dynamic analysis of system capability and potential bottlenecks.
real-time optimization

smaRTLS™ Location System


Real-Time Optimization

  • Automated real-time bed allocation optimization.
  • Transfer requests and inter-department communication optimization.
  • Optimize provider allocation, scheduling, and shifts.


Schedule Adherence

  • Schedule visibility identifies expected procedure and visit completion at every step.
  • Dynamically predict scheduling conflicts and delays in real-time.
  • Adjust provider requirements and analyze the impact on the schedule.
  • Experiment off line with different scenarios.
  • Plan efficiently for current and upcoming activities including inter-department requirements.
  • Plan transport requests, manage inventory, optimize movement and flow, bed allocations, etc.
  • Real-time schedule optimization.

Alerts & Notifications

  • Notification of equipment alarms, maintenance delays and unplanned downtime.
  • Notifications of potential delays and schedule deviation and adherence.
  • Notifications of the schedule slippage and potential order delays.
  • Real-Time area access notification and alerts.
  • Security breaches and unauthorized access notifications.
  • Get notified via email, text messaging, or other media.
  • Group based and individual notification settings.

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