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  • Healthcare Simulation

  • Patient care is one of the most important factors in healthcare today. The time a patient spends in the hospital, the staff they come into contact with, and their reason for being in the hospital all impact the overall effectiveness of a hospital.

Benefits of Healthcare Simulation:

  • Length of stay analysis
  • Optimize patient flow and reduce patient wait times
  • Bed allocation optimization and OR department scheduling
  • Staff utilization, scheduling and optimization
  • Benefits of Simulation in Healthcare
  • Warehousing Simulation

  • Using Simcad Pro Warehouse, companies proactively optimize their distribution centers by improving picking, receiving, slotting, put away and replenishment. Moreover, by optimizing picking schedules, man power and equipment optimization can be achieved.

Benefits of Warehousing Simulation:

  • Automation Simulation

  • Using Simcad Pro Automation, multiple robots can be implemented and their interaction within the active conveyor system can be studied and dissected. Different scenarios, including possible downtime and mechanical failure can be put in place, in order to create the best possible plan of action.

Benefits of Automation Simulation:

  • Analyze and Prove Out Control Logic before Roll Out.
  • Identify Potential Buffering Problems, Conveyor Speeds and Equipment Interaction
  • Identify AGV/STV Optimum Path and Intersection Behavior
  • Prove Out Merge Logic, Slug Length and Priorities
  • Benefits of Simulation in Automation
  • Manufacturing Simulation

  • In a manufacturing environment, it is crucial to understand the full impact of proposed changes to the facility prior to implementation. Dynamic Simulation provides a risk-free environment in which the user can visualize and analyze the impact of improvement ideas.

Benefits of Manufacturing Simulation:

  • Production optimization, forecasting and scheduling optimization and Adherence
  • Facility layout, design, and Equipment feasibility and automation
  • Inventory management, LEAN six sigma implementation
  • WIP inventory management & reduction
  • Benefits of Simulation in Manufacturing
  • Logistics Simulation

  • Logistics and Supply Chain companies are continually striving to increase the efficiency of individual facilities as well as the supply chain as a whole. Driven by scheduling restraints and the need for cost and delivery lead time reduction.

Benefits of Logstics Simulation:

  • Optimize delivery routes; lead-time reduction
  • Determine optimal DC locations; cost reduction
  • Determine impact on system based on supply/demand
  • Manage inventory levels and delivery requirements
  • Benefits of Simulation in Logistics
Healthcare Simulation Software

Healthcare Simulation

  • Reduction in Left-without-being-Seen
  • Reduction in transfer denials
  • Staffing optimization
  • Increase operational quality/capacity
  • Reduction in hospital expenditures
  • Improve service performance
  • Ease of access to LEAN metrics
  • Proactive and dynamic scheduling


Manufacturing Simulation Software

Manufacturing Simulation


Service Simulation Software

Services Simulation

More and more process flow optimization and efficiency improvements are being applied to back office and document flow systems. Simcad Pro's dynamic capabilities can be used to model and analyze a vast array of office systems. Document based businesses such as insurance and financial institutions benefit from Simcad Pro's ability to quickly build process and document flow, while providing fast and efficient solution analysis...
Food & Beverage Simulation Software

Food & Beverage