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Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics - SimTrack

Real-Time Integrated Solution Providing

Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics

Make your data work for you - turn existing data to an
Actionable Predictive System with SimTrack®

Live Data generated from the predictive model
provides the current and future status of the operation.

In the prescriptive model mode, real-time optimization and validation is performed in the background.
For each potential optimization method, and similar to the predictive environment,
a set of Monte Carlo simulation is run in order to determine the viability of the solution.
Predictive, Prescriptive Analytics
Predictive Analytics
Predictive Analytics
Predictive, Prescriptive Analytics

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and Real-Time Predictive Analytics.

Real-Time Optimization

Real-Time Optimization generates a number of
Actionable Potential Improvements 

The system reacts to the optimization suggestion in different ways depending on its configuration.
Optimize and maintain schedule adherence in real-time based on live system feedback.
SimTrack® open architecture enables it to interact with a multitude of live data systems –
RFID, BarCode, GPS, PLC, WMS, EMR, ERP, MRP, or RTLS systems, etc..

Real-Time Dashboards

Live integrated dashboards constantly update based on system status

  • Permission based dashboards with real time updates.
  • Dashboard components are Mobile friendly and are compatible with all browsers. 
  • Each dashboard can be customized to display specific charts, graphs, and gauges to help identify current and predicted state.
  • Live streaming of 2D and 3D representation of the operation.

I would like to learn more about SimTrack
and Real-Time Predictive Analytics.

Powered by On-The-Fly Dynamic Simulation

Interactive Simulation that allows for on-the-fly model behavior
definition and constraint changes while the simulation is running

Intelligent models consistently learn from the current environment, re-adjust on-the-fly and
consistently perform validation, analysis, and optimization without user intervention

An Intelligent Self-Evolving Models With Real Time Connectivity

Whether the models are connected to a PLC data feed,
ERP/MRP/WMS, or RTLS systems, they need to be capable to self evolve
in order to support the varying environment they represent.

Self-Modifying models are able to detect changes in the external environment and
constantly evolve in order to support the new constraints. An example of an evolving model
would be adding new equipment, changing the pick path in a warehouse, adding a new rack,
inserting a new machine into the flow, or generating a new assembly type.

Live Environments Are Constantly Changing

  • New locations are added, equipment modified, rooms expanded, resources modified, schedules changing.
  • Predictive analytics require with a high degree of confidence to operate efficiently
    • Models and constraints need to self evolve based on the real-time data.
      • Adding a new rack, inserting a new machine into the flow should be handled without user interaction.
      • Constraints to the added component are learned from the live data feed and applied dynamically to the model.
  • Minimum user intervention.

I would like to learn more about SimTrack
and Real-Time Predictive Analytics.

Distributed Simulation Modeling and Optimization

Multiple Models Representing Different Activities

Hybrid models, some models are running in parallel while others are running sequentially.
  • Models can run on independent workstations, virtual machines/cloud, all contributing to the Predictive results.
  • Auto-Start of new models based on Predictive Analysis.
  • Models auto-sync based on predetermined constraints. 
  • Models can rewind and forward based on the state of related models.

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