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Simcad Cloud - Simulation Software in the Cloud for Healthcare

An Interactive Simulation Environment Accessible from anywhere
By enabling simulation on the cloud users experience reduced cost of ownership including the elimination of IT support costs, expensive hardware purchases and upgrades, no more license management and software upgrade costs. Simcad Cloud streamlines the simulation process and enables anyone with a web browser to design, analyze and optimize their operation.
Safe, Secure Cloud Based Simulation Available On-Demand
  • Web Based model collaboration and model sharing
  • Access, Create, Modify, and Share simulations from any browser
  • Multi-platform: Mac iOS®, Windows®, Linux®, Android® Compatible

Fully Interactive Simulation Environment Available From Your Browser
  • Simcad Cloud includes all integrated functionality for modeling all process based industries
  • Interactive dynamic simulation
  • Extensive integrated analysis and model optimization

Securely Host Simulation Files
  • Risk-Free Subscription based service model
  • No hardware to buy, maintain or upgrade
  • No software to install, instant updates, no maintenance fees



Our Mission: Provide organizations with the required tools and know-how to ensure competitive advantage and sustainability in an ever-demanding world market.

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