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Simulation Software - simulation in lean manufacturing
  • Production Optimization

  • Identify/Reduce Bottlenecks & Constraints

  • Labor Allocation and Optimization

  • Capacity Analysis, and Line Balancing/Kanban

  • Inventory Management

  • LEAN Six Sigma Implementation

  • Production Schedule Adherence

  • Facility Layout and Design

value stream mapping Most improvement initiatives begin with a Value Stream mapping exercise. The value stream map takes into consideration one aspect or product of the operation and analyzes the effect of waste. With a single product with no variations that flows sequentially, a static value stream is adequate. But, when analyzing multiple product interactions, non sequential flows, and the interaction among multiple value streams, the static environment fails. Moreover, static streams do not take into consideration fluctuations in demand, workforce, and other dynamic operational constraints. This patented technology is the first of its kind on the market today.
Equipment Analysis Simulation

Bottlenecks and Constraints Analysis

  • Automatic Bottleneck identification including detailed reporting on constraints and contributing factors
  • Analyze the effect of changing equipment and new technologies including automation
  • Integrated costing analysis, scenario analysis, and dynamic KPI/Metric reporting tools
Manpower Optimization

Manpower Optimization and Cost Reduction

  • Identify optimal manpower levels and the impact on operational efficiency
  • Analyze the impact of shifting schedules and cross training employees
  • Define detailed shifts, including holiday schedules, planned and unplanned breaks, vacations, and sick days
Manufacturing Simulation

Production Predictive Analytics & Scheduling

  • Automatic Schedule Generation and optimization
  • Proactive forecasting and dynamic production scheduling
  • Optimize Efficiency
  • Schedule comparison and deviation analysis
Manufacturing Simulation

Capacity Analysis and Growth Projection

  • Capacity Analysis - Identify current capacity and constraints, plan for increased demand
  • Growth Projection - Integrated scenario analysis provides graphical comparison among different implementation plans based on expected growth trends
Manufacturing Simulation

Implementing LEAN Six Sigma

  • Automatically generated dynamic value stream mapping and detailed lean analysis
  • Integrated LEAN/TQM/Six Sigma Tools including Dynamic Value Stream Mapping provides kanban sizing, reorder triggers, line balancing, inventory optimization, safety stock levels and more
  • Load leveling, Kaizan effects, and kanban optimization

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