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call center simulation - call center simulation software

Call Center Simulation

call center simulation - call center simulation software With the high level of variability that is present within call centers, it is important to make every effort to reduce patron wait times, improve patron experience, increase efficiency and utilize available resources fully. Simcad Pro is a sophisticated simulation engine that can be used to improve the overall efficiency and productivity of call centers. Users of Simcad Pro have reported increase productivity, accuracy, and efficiency, which in turn helps to improve the quality of service provided and patron satisfaction.

Simcad Pro’s patented dynamic simulation engine allows multiple users to collaborate together in order to perform analysis, detect delays and bottlenecks, and provide real solutions to problems. Through the many different features of Simcad Pro, users can create “what-if” scenarios to test out how different changes will affect the overall efficiency and running of the call center. By using this patented technology, users are able to test different scenarios and plan ahead for possible situations without having to spend time or money to implement them in real life until they are assured that these changes will have the desired effect.

Because variability is a key feature of all call centers, it needs to be taken into account when creating a model of a call center. In order to account for the variability within the call center, Simcad Pro allows users to import historical data from external data sources, as well as the ability to utilize live data to keep systems up-to-date. Because Simcad Pro uses real information from the call center in question, the generated results are reliable and mathematically accurate.

Once the model is assembled, users can begin to either import or manually input parameters such as call type, call pathways, resources, timing, capacity, etc… As the model is running, users are able to visually see where backups within the call center are occurring. The ability to actually see where backups are occurring allows users to make necessary changes, view the new system and ensure that the changes do not cause problems elsewhere in the system. The “Simulation Analysis Report” provides users with a quick analysis of the model, identifying the poorly performing resources and what is causing the problem.


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