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Simulation in Automation Line

Automation Line with Dynamic Simulation - Automation Technologies

Automation Technologies Industries(ATI),
a leader in factory automation, takes advantage of Simcad Pro to demonstrate solution feasibility of a new conveyor line implementation for a major automotive manufacturer. The total value of this project will exceed $1.8 Million - we now have the contract and purchase order.



A major client needed to simulate the manufacturing and testing process of complex CD/radio systems for the automotive industry. Our system was to transport units from the import module to each test module. These items traveled on pallets and were picked and placed by Yamaha Robotics. This process was simulated with the objective of producing a tested CD/radio every 16 seconds. The simulation would show the quantity of pallets required to populate the total system and potential bottlenecks in transfer areas.



Simcad Pro Simulation software provided a model containing nodes for each piece of equipment and transfer device. Defining our in-house icons to actually show the CD/radio traveling along the transport system and overlaying our in-house background provided the customer with the feeling that we were actually in their plant with a bird's eye view of their system.



"Using Simcad Pro, we were able to reveal exactly how bottlenecks resolved, and demonstrate how our implementation would provide the proper throughput required by our client. The total value of this project will exceed $1.8 Million - we now have the contract and purchase order."
-- Automation Technologies Industries (ATI)


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