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Yard management solution software
Yard Management Solutions:
  • Graphically monitor the yard activities
  • Track and monitor each trailers’ status and location
  • Live alerts and notifications for potential problems
  • View trailers historic data


View the Status of the Live Operation:
  • Real-time visibility allows the user to view the live, current status of the yard
  • Enables management and yard supervisors to graphically monitor the yard activities
  • Each trailer’s status and location is monitored and tracked


Trailer Management:
Trailer Management Solutions Software
  • View the status of each trailer
  • View time of arrival and estimated departure
  • Monitor each trailers’ total processing times
  • View all events for specific trailers
  • View trailers’ history


Live Alerts and Notifications:
  • Alerted when trailers exceed expected loading time
  • Alerts when trailers miss their expected arrival/departure time, etc.


Replay Past Activities:
  • Use the simulation mode for historical analysis and replay
  • Based on historical data, make changes that will help improve the current operation


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